Coffee Roasting/Brewing

Coffee is one of the largest commodities in the world and the sheer volume that is produced and consumed is astounding. Equally astounding is the variation with which coffee is consumed. We are fond of telling our customers that coffee is 100% personal and that everyone has their own idea of what makes a good cup of coffee. In my opinion there are three things that lead to really good coffee. High quality coffee beans, a brewing system matched to your own personal taste and a good grinder to pull the two together. Purchasing green coffee beans and roasting them at home is the surest way to get exceptionally fresh coffee roasted just the way you like it. Raw coffee has a longer shelf life than roasted coffee. By roasting coffee at home you can produce small batches that allow you to consume your coffee at the peak of freshness. Home coffee roasting is easier than most people think; it can be done easily in a simple frying pan or even an old hot air popcorn popper. You can view our coffee roasting guide here. MGB Coffee Roasting Guide

Mr. Green Beans carries everything you need to get the most out of your coffee. Come visit us and we can show you how to roast your own coffee and brew it to perfection.

Home Roasters

Home coffee roasters come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple Whirley-pop to the elaborate Hottop. Finding the right roaster can be a challenge, at Mr. Green Beans we have demonstration units for most of the commercially available roasters. Whether you’re interested in fluid bed roasters like the Fresh Roast, I-Roast or Nesco Pro, or a larger capacity drum roaster like the Gene Café, Hottop or Behmor, we have them all in stock and ready for you to test out.

Coffee Brewing Systems

Making exceptional coffee at home can be as easy as boiling water and pouring it over freshly ground coffee. At Mr. Green Beans, we have decided to focus on simple and elegant coffee making systems. You won’t find high priced espresso machines but you will find many other methods. If you’re looking for an Aeropress, a pour-over like the Hario or Chemex, a siphon pot like a Yama TCA-5, or one of the many styles of French Press we have them in stock. Need a Clever for the office or a Toddy for those hot summer days, stop by our shop and we’ll help you find the perfect brewing system for you.



How you grind your coffee is nearly as important as which beans and which type of brewing method you choose to use. Mr. Green Beans has a large selection of grinders, we carry the full line of Baratza grinders from the Maestro Plus to the Vario. We have many of the finest hand grinders on the market including Zassenhaus, Hario and a number of locally made and hand crafted models. Most of the grinders we have in stock are available for demonstration, throw some beans in your favorite and see how it works.


Filters and Accessories

Tired of hunting all over town for your Hario or Chemex filters? Mr. Green Beans has you covered. We carry a full line of replacement parts, filters and accessories. In need of a new top for your Yama, a wooden collar for your Chemex, replacement screens for your Bodum, or just a box of #4 paper filters? We have them in stock. We stay on top of the hottest trends in the coffee world and stock the relevant products including the new KONE filter for the Chemex, and the DISK for the Aeropress. And of course we carry a nice selection of travel mugs and cups, including Planetary Designs brilliant Double Shot travel french press.